How To Turn Your iPhone Into a Workstation

An iPhone is a highly powerful piece of kit that runs on great software and it’s ideal for a range of different productivity applications and even gaming. However while the iPhone is undoubtedly a very impressive piece of kit, it isn’t quite going to replace our computer just yet, the main reason being that it simply isn’t large enough to be easy to use and the small screen prevents you from seeing much on it normally – let alone once the keyboard is on the screen too.

Fortunately there are ways around this problem and if you want to get the most from your iPhone you actually can turn it into something of a miniature computer by buying a couple more products. Here are some things you can do.

Buy a Keyboard

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There are plenty of portable keyboards out there for iPhones and if you pair your device with one of these then you will drastically improve your typing speed and accuracy and allow yourself to get much more from your phone in terms of productivity. Most of these will work by connected to Bluetooth and that allows you to work on your phone while sitting on the couch the other side of the room.

Get a Dock


A dock can be used to hold your iPhone and keep it upright and this is highly useful as a way to keep your phone visible while you type on your keyboard. Peering over it on the desk doesn’t quite do it… This will keep your phone charged as well and mean you aren’t constantly watching battery life (which is something you don’t have to do with a PC).

External Monitor

iPhone External Monitor
MMT’s Monitor2Go 15.6 inch Monitor

Better yet you can look into getting an external monitor and while you’ll have to find one that is compatible, it is possible to enjoy your iPhone goodness on the big screen. With a portable monitor and a Bluetooth keyboard, you can then relax on the couch or sit at your desk and type as though you were using a regular computer (that runs iOS).

Get the Right Software

Now you have the hardware you need to turn your iPhone into a miniature computer essentially, but in order to get the most out of it you will also need to have the right software that will enable you to enjoy the maximum productivity. The most important thing here is to get a good Word Processor and something like Word or QuickOffice Pro will do the trick nicely allowing you to open and edit Word and Excel documents or create entirely new ones.

You should also look into whatever other software you need in your line of work whether that be an FTP, WordPress or programming tools. You can get pretty much anything you need.

Finally look into getting either DropBox or iCloud (or both). These will enable you to share your files between devices which will mean that you can start writing a document on your new iPhone desk set up and then continue it easily on your PC later.


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This guest post was written by Robbie Crowe. You can learn about how to jailbreak iPhone 4s 5.1 from his site and make your iPhone even more powerful.

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