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Love reading newspapers ? How about getting access to over 2100 full content newspapers from 95 countries in 54 languages ? Wouldn’t it just save time to view all the newspapers in one app instead of browsing the newspaper’s sites individually ? PressReader, the largest digital newspaper, is one such amazing app that allows you to have all the newspapers (most of it) at your fingertips. The app can be installed in your iOS and Android devices and also available for Blackberry and your desktop.

Review of PressReader desktop version.

PressReader not only helps you to gain access to newspapers around the world but most importantly it’s helping the environment. How ? Till date they have saved 281029 trees from being chopped down and turned to paper to be used for printing. According to their blog, it takes about 12 trees to produce 1 tonne of paper. So basically, by using this “green” app, we are not only benefiting ourselves but also saving our environment.

Subscription Plans

If you wish to have only the newspapers of your choice then you have to pay only $.99 per download and those of you who want full access to all the newspapers, its just $29.95/ month.


Once the app launches, you will figure it out its totally different from what you would might have seen in the website of the respective newspaper. The homepage gives you the latest news from newspapers around the world at the top with news under different categories of different countries at the bottom.

Want a language of your choice ? Not a problem. The language selection tool which offers 51 different languages resets the whole news in the language of your choice.



Now comes the best part. The part where the app gives you the feel of reading a real newspaper. After selecting any of the newspapers, as shown in the picture below, the application takes you to a new window where you can read the newspaper at ease. Fonts, pictures, graphs, tables etc all looks exactly the same to the original one.To give you a feel of the app, here I chose the Guardian , UK’s leading newspaper, from the list of many newspapers to show you an example.



After selecting your desired newspaper, the app, as mentioned earlier, gives you a great view of the newspaper. Although it is not possible to read at this resolution, you either can magnify the paper to read or just simply click on the article to open a pop up with the full article in the text format. But what’s the fun if you don’t read the paper as if you were reading one ? In desktop, you can either navigate through the arrow keys or your mouse. And of course, if you like an article there is always the option of sharing it via Twitter, facebook and email.




There’s even a small animation which shows the paper rolling to a new page but if you want to skip directly to a different page, the thumbnails at the right side of the screen gives you the opportunity to do so.



Final Words

PressReader, in short, is a gem for the newspaper lovers. The app offers the experience of reading the real newspaper and the only difference between the real and the digitised version is the..paper. The app provides the user a better experience through tablets such as the iPad or a smartphone. If you are travelling abroad, this app would keep you updated on what’s happening home.

Downloading the app is free of cost but getting the newspapers would require you to pay as mentioned earlier. If you are a casual reader and have, say 4 favourite newspapers from different countries, then I suggest you to download them individually worth $.99 each. But if you want more access to the newspapers worldwide, and you read nothing else but newspapers, subscribing for $30 is the option for you.


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