5 iPhone Apps for Managing Employees Online

Managing your employees can be an agonizing task. Many employers are still using the same techniques to manage their employees that they used in the 1990s even though it is now 2012. It is not complicated to implement a new plan that allows you to govern your workers completely online. You can do this right on your phone using one or more of the many iPhone apps that were made with employers in mind. Here are five iPhone apps that will work wonders helping you manage your employees.



TimeClock-STPinterest TimeClock ST

TimeClock ST is probably the most user-friendly app available to help you manage your employees. Even people who typically struggle with newer technology will find this app very easy to use. With TimeClock ST, you can add all of your employees names into the app and keep track of the hours they have worked. When they arrive, you or your secretary will just have to press the “IN” button. When they leave, you simply press the “OUT” button. You can set the app so that at the end of every paying period, your employees are automatically sent an email with the number of hours they worked and their earnings for that period. You can also look back at previous weeks or months to get full reports on how often your employees are arriving late or leaving early.

Pinterest  HoursTrackerHoursTracker

HoursTracker is a very useful app for employers who have their staff working on several different projects every day. This app lets you calculate the number of hours your employees spend on every single task that they work on in a day. It also calculates how much you are spending on each task based on how much you pay the people who are working on each project. This app will help show you who your most and least efficient workers are. It will also help you determine if changes need to be made in your business, such as removing some employees from project A and adding them to project B.

Billable-HoursPinterest Billable Hours

This app is perfect for people work in the legal field or another field where you need to keep track of the work being conducted every minute of the day. Billable Hours works like a running clock. It allows you to keep track of the exact amount of time each of your employees has spent doing work for your individual clients. The end result is that you know how your employees are spending their time and as an added bonus, you know exactly how much to bill your clients for. You can send emails directly from this app to both employees and clients that show records for billable hours on a daily or weekly basis.

HarvestPinterest Harvest Time & Expense Tracker

Harvest Time & Expense Tracker is a great app for keeping track of company expenses. This app will let you see exactly how much money each employee is charging to the company and what the charges are for. You can set up the app with your employees so that each time they use a company credit card, they can upload the receipt directly to the app. You and your employees can also use this app to keep track of the hours you have spent working for a client and the money you have spent while working on a client’s project.

toggletimerPinterest Toggl Timer

Toggl Time is an app that will help you keep track and view of all of your employees’ schedules in one convenient place. You can input your employees’ schedules on your own, allow group access so everyone can input their own schedule, or have one person in charge of adding events to the app. All you will have to do is open up the app to know where every one of your employees currently is or should be.


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  1. Bill, thanks for sharing these apps. I am using all the apps except Toggl Timer, will check this out as well..these apps really help big time to manage employees and are a essential part of my life now.

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