Google to buy Motorola

Yeps, Google is going to buy the cellular company, Motorola Mobility for $12,500,000,000 . That’s $12.5 billion. One of the largest acquisitions by Google till date. I wonder what is up next in Google’s bucket list. Day by day, Google is becoming diversified! What once was a simple search engine back in 1996 is now a zillion dollar company wishing to rule the world market. That’s what it seems to me and that’s what might be in Google’s mind.

Lets figure out what Motorola’s new name might be ! Google + Motorola = Googorola.

Google Motorola

Well, if you are thinking this is going to happen, it is not. Google plans to run the cellular company totally separate from its main duties. Motorola would continue to license the Android OS from Google and also pay for the applications that come with it.

What can be the main reason of Google buying Motorola ? I presume its for the 4G and as Google said in its press release, it wants to buy it to defend against the patent lawsuits issued by their competitors and also ‘supercharge’ Android! Competition would accelerate resulting in a greater amount of choice of products to the people. More the competition, better the quality of the products. All the companies would be fighting within themselves just to provide us a good product! And of course, I expect prices to fall too.

Anyways. what does the Android partners have to say about this news ? Check the picture below !

Hence we can see Google is excited with its soon-to-be purchased ‘good’, we too hope to see some great products being launched in the future from them. Lets just hope the prices of the products fall (for poor people like me!).


Your thoughts ?

  1. The deal is live and is showings its negative impacts on GOOG stocks, they have fall more than 3% on the day of the deal announcement..

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