Love Music ? Try these 8 Music Apps for your iPad

Top 8 iPad Music Apps

The iPad has proven to be a commercial phenomenon with users increasing day by day. Much bigger than an iPhone but smaller than a laptop, it has the same functions as the iPhone but on a bigger scale. The device opens up a whole new world of mobile computing and apps. One of the most popular uses of the iPad comes in the form of music applications and there are so many to choose from. Here we take a look at 8 of the best out there.

Garage Band

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This is a really good app. Garageband allows users with or without music experience to compose, jam or just experiment with various different instruments using the virtual keyboard, drum sets and guitars. In fact it’s hard to think of an instrument that isn’t included. After a few hours on this, you’ll feel like you could play at the O2.

Sound Prism

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Sound Prism is one of the most colourful and user friendly apps. Some might say it’s actually directed more towards children. It’s certainly intuitive as the user can identify notes in terms of shades and colours with darker shades representing bass and lighter shades representing treble. The integrated colour coordinated synthesiser is brilliant. It’s free as well which is an ever bigger incentive for downloading.

iElectribe KORG

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Created by the world renowned group, ‘Gorillaz’, this app enables you to immerse yourself into what is essentially a virtual beat box. You can manually produce your own tracks by manipulating snare drums, synthesisers and percussion. A good one to have in your possession. It’s not cheap though at £6.99.


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You either love it or hate it but what you can’t deny is that this app is rather addictive. It doesn’t look like a grown up’s toy but you can make some surprisingly good tunes as you prod your finger around the screen and be entertained by the clever animations.

iBone XL

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This is a fantastic app with a brass theme. Enjoy pleasurable experience learning as you practice notes and scales. The app even lets you play along to songs contained on your iPod and directs you on screen to play along with songs from the iBone songbook. This is a great app and well worth the purchase.

Piano Accordio Pro

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Might seem like a weird one but this is a nice little app which fits exactly onto the iPad screen. The app provides you with an instrument which will really make you feel like you’re on the streets of Rome or on a Gondola in Venice as the clear, responsive interface knocks out sounds reminiscent of an Italian accordion.

Drum Meister Grand

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A dedicated app specifically for drummers, this one will keep you hooked and probably keep the neighbours up as well. It has been described as the ‘Most Amazing App’ and was even the star of its own advert in 2010. And there is good reason as this app is nothing short of perfect. You have a view from directly above just as any other drummer would as well as the ability of being able to add to your drum kits. You can even change the size of your virtual drums!

Bowls HD

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If you want to have a bit of a come down after all the drumming and trombone playing then why not sit back and listen to the soothing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls. The thing is you have to make the music yourself and enable the bowls to emit those calming tones. This one is a necessity!

  1. I would also include some of the new apps like 8tracks in this list as well. It’s a pretty handy app, and I do use it extensively to discover new music!

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