‘Preview’ theme in Gmail

There are great themes for Gmail which, when enabled, looks great ! Great themes can make you feel comfortable and friendly. Most of the users stay with the default theme ‘Classic’ which looks very basic. For some, simple is beautiful but sometimes that ‘simple’ thing needs a change. For example : You wearing 70’s attire would make everybody amused or be a subject for jokes.

There might be two reasons for not changing the look:

>They have no time

>There are better things to do than changing themes for a mailbox

Recently, with Gmail launching Google Plus, they released a new theme called Preview for Gmail. Compared to all the themes that are available, this one is indeed the best of all. For those who love ‘simple’, this theme will definitely please you with its elegant features.

How to set it up ? Its simple.

  • Click the wheel icon on the far corner right.
  • Mail Setting
  • Themes
  • Select Preview (dense)

Activate the theme now and see the features for yourself ! I am sure you will love it.



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