10 Stunning Methods to Improve Your Facebook Fan Page

Importance of social media has increased a lot in these days. Wise use of it can even help you to start a successful business yourself from your home. There are huge potential for online business using social media websites. Especially Facebook, where billions of people are engaged together. Facebook fan page is a powerful money making system if we use it effectively. Here in this post I will tell you 10 stunning tips to improve your Facebook fan page and there by your online business.

1 – Choose your name correctly

The name of your fan page is a vital, ask yourself: “By what name my target market knows my business? What words should be written on Google or Facebook to find information about our fan page? “Do not fall into the temptation to include many industry specific keywords, it is not well seen by users, remember that you will recognize the name. If you have more than 25 fans, you can access the vanity url (direct url of facebook), and change the little positionable figure gives Facebook pages by default, you can access this URL, and meditate while the decision to choose the name, because you can not change it in the future, So you should be wise when choosing since it cannot be changed in future.

 2 – Choose an appropriate category

The choice of the category of your business on Facebook will affect the number and type of information that appears on it. For example, if you want to create a fan page of a restaurant, important information for our future customers will be “opening hours” or “payment methods”. In this case we should choose the restaurant category. If you want to promote a beverage company that does not offer factory sale, your address information will be of little relevance. You can skip this information and put more emphasis on what your product is. Facebook facilitates in category “Brand, product or organization”. In your choice of category, you should pay special attention to choose the category because, as like the name of the fan page, you can not change it once saved.

 3 – Use About section effectively

Just 250 characters to introduce in this section, use them correctly and include the keywords which are more relevant to your business, it is also a good place to put the url of your website and generate a link that can lead traffic to your site web. So don’t waste the about page or don’t make it blank, Put it in to some wise use.

 4 – Fill the data header

Here are valuable spaces to include relevant keywords or keywords. Not only are relevant to the user fields (opening hours, services offered, etc..), But there is an area to write what we believe appropriate. As we made our choice of category additional fields will appear in the information section.

 5 – Create custom tabs

Facebook offers fan pages of several possibilities: add FBML pages, which can be converted into HTML, or Flash, which can be integrated. Both options are used. With a basic knowledge of HTML suffice to add a tab which in turn includes relevant information and keywords. This is a very good tool for your product and your fans.

Techetron Facebook Page


 7 – Add relevant photos, videos and events

Every photo, video or event must be according to the interest of your fans. Use this option to add relevant keywords in your posts . Do not forget that you write for your fans (and not for search engines), so your texts should not be repetitions of meaningless relevant keywords. It is important to use keywords; an abuse of them may have backfired. So you should pay attention to the relevance of the content and information.

8 – Having a large number of fans

The purpose of a fan page is to have as many followers as possible. Very important is the degree of interaction between your site and your fans (eg with comments and “likes” you receive each post and comments shared by your fans about this website with your friends). We must also consider whether the fans are really fans of the product or just the name amuses them and how they react to the content of the page.

9 – Get links from Facebook

The public page Facebook profiles is indexed in Google and Bing , it displays the links to Facebook pages that are fans of the users, so that the public presence in these pages, it is vital to get links from within Facebook.

10 – Create events to your site

Another section of Facebook that is indexed by search engines are the events, so it is important to keep this in mind and you generate events to your site, events should include keywords our objectives and the Facebook fan page , as the website of your company making the connection between the two.


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  2. Face book fan page is most effective to any time any one for build up personality. Especially in make money online marketing, and give comments to other sites. Thank for these guides.

  3. I think another thing to add when creating a fanpage is to hurry to obtain at least 25 fans quickly so you can change your FB URL to something relevant and not just a long series of numbers.

  4. Many businesses have gained more popularity by using Facebook fan pages. I didn’t know that Facebook events is a good way to get your fan page more visibility from Google. Thanks for the tips!

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