What Does the Cloud Hold for the Future?

Reflections of the future

When someone mentions the Cloud, many people immediately think of virtual storage space. Even though the Cloud is a great file storage option, the Cloud is capable of so much more. As technology progresses, new and innovative ways to utilize the Cloud are discovered. Currently the Cloud is used for everything from email services to collaborated documents and secured access to sensitive files. However, technology has big plans for the Cloud that will not only change how we complete tasks, but how we live and play.

The Cloud and Personal Information:

In the past personal information stored online was vulnerable and it was suggested that you just don’t do it. Now as online security tightens and there are far more secure options, storing your personal information is not only useful, but may be the future.

The Cloud offers you access to documents and information no matter where you are. In the future, the Cloud is expected to house most of the financial and personal information, making filling out applications, taxes, and submitting your resume for jobs easier. Other information will include personal preferences when you travel or when you dine out at a 5 star restaurant. Imagine your car knowing how you like your seat or your favorite radio station. What if your waiter knew you were allergic to peanuts or that you prefer honey on your bread instead of butter just by making a reservation? All of that is possible in the cloud.

The Cloud and Entertainment:

The cloud is basically a virtual computer that is capable of handling most of the workload needed to get things done. This means that devices that access the cloud are able to house fewer resources and in turn, be cheaper to purchase.

In gaming this is expected to lead to cheaper gaming consoles as the games themselves will be stored on Cloud servers and the majority of the workload will be handled virtually. Gamers will also be able to access new games and purchase the games cheaper. With all the gamer’s data stored in the cloud, gamers will be able to access their gamer tags and progress from any console anywhere. For the gaming industry itself, the Cloud offers cheaper distribution of new games and lower cost console manufacturing. Game prices will be cheaper which in turn will lead to more people purchasing.

Gaming is not the only industry that will utilize the Cloud. Movie studios and television providers will also transition to the Cloud and offer more personalized viewing. Consumers will be able to access the shows they want, when they want, without the need to record on an external device.

The Cloud is being introduced to a variety of markets ranging from legal to construction and entertainment. With the versatility and untapped possibilities, the future of business and pleasure may be in the clouds. As more technologies transition to the Cloud, we will see more uses both behind the scenes as well as for consumer use.

  1. The cloud storage has changed how people carry, transfer and store data. Cloud storage is all about having backed up data in remote servers and it offers big flexibility in terms of backups and recovery. The niche is growing and expanding greatly and good things are expected in future.

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