3 Latest Photography Apps That You Should Try

If you enjoy using the latest mobile phone model to take photographs then you no doubt want to make sure you’re up to date on the range of apps that are available to make your hobby as rewarding and exciting as possible.

Here then are a few of the most recent apps that you can’t afford to do without:

Pinterest Long Exposure Calculator

This is an app that helps you figure out what you need to set your shutter speed to to ensure that you capture the perfect pictures. It has a handy “cheat sheet” that lists some of the most common shutters and lenses and tells you exactly what you need to know. It also has a list of some of the most popular photography subjects meaning that you can just look on the list and see what setting you need no matter what the occasion.

Pinterest Decosama Vintage

DecoSama Vintage

This is a fun little app that lets you add vintage style stickers to any picture in your photo library. It comes with 300 stickers all presented in an old timey style perfect for those reproduction photographs that would normally cost you a fair amount of money to have reproduced.

Pinterest Ink HDR

This is a handy addition to any collection. It allows you to import any photo from your phone and lets you adjust the brightness of it. The really neat thing about it though is that you can adjust the brightness but using the software you can ensure that dark sections stay dark, even darken them right down to black, leaving the rest of the picture at the brightness you require.

With these handy apps you will find yourself snapping away more than ever. Whether you have one of the latest touchscreen mobile phones or an older model your photographs can be as professional looking as any you might see.


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