Battlefield 3 Trailer Featuring Jets

The recent trailer published by the Battlefield blog simply blew me away. This game has everything a hardcore first person shooter would ever dream of and the reason behind getting blown off is simply due to its intense game play. Battlefield actually presents the gamers a perfect environment of what a real battlefield would be like and most importantly, how the sky would be when there are jets flying around.

This trailer mainly concentrates on the vehicles  used in this multiplayer gameplay map, ‘Caspian Border’ played by 64 players. But whats more amazing is the fighter jets and the choppers!

From what the video shows, the fighter must be a F/A 18 Hornet engaging in dogfight with enemy fighters which seem to look like Sukhois. Moreover we can also see the Apache helicopters pounding the ground forces.

10.25.11 is its release date and by watching this video, I am pretty sure all the gamers would get impatient about its release !

Personally out of all the fighter-simualtion games, I have a feeling Battlefield will defeat them all ( Ace Combat/HAWX ). Battlefield 3 would definitely change the FPS gaming sector!

Check out the awesome video below!

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  2. This is honestly tone of the funnest games ever made! Thank you!! This game even rocks your socks on PS3… but i think now that mw3 and bf3 are out… people are forgetting about alot of other game makers.

    1. Trust me, it will be one of the best games ever ! You can play it in the laptop provided that you have a powerfull graphics card. But I obviously prefer a PC. Do get it as soon as possible, you really do not want to miss this game!

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