Top 5 Google Apps for iPhone

Google offers arguably the most diverse set of online tools that integrate under a single user account. Even iPhone users have access to an array of practical mobile offerings that deliver a more personalized and customized Internet experience. With a 3G or 4G Internet connection ( click here to learn more), iPhone users can access these top 5 Google apps:


chromesappiphoneEven though the iPhone includes its proprietary Safari browser, Chrome for iPhone is arguably a better option. Known for its speed and stability, Chrome enables users to sign into their Google accounts and personalize their browser experience. The fast-loading, multi-tab capable browser is a great addition to any suite of iPhone apps.

Chrome App

Google Search AppThe feature that put Google on the map comes in app form for the iPhone. Google Search features not only text search – but voice and image search – so users can find the information they want and find it fast. Google search is the essential app for any iPhone user.

Google Search

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Google Earth

This popular twist on a map application features photographic, aerial shots of roads, cities, borders and much more. The app also features a tour guide mode that lets users explore different cities and landmarks, and 3D imagery capability that offers a vantage point similar to that from a helicopter. This app is excellent for travelers and curious minds alike.


 Google Translate

Google TranslateUsers on vacation in a place where English isn’t the primary language, or college students trying to hone their skills for that foreign language class, Google Translate is an easy-to-use tool that effectively interpret different languages via text or voice capability.

Google Translate


Google Drive

googledriveGoogle Drive is a cloud storage app that enables users to save their files and documents to a folder that syncs online, and whose contents are available from any device on which Google Drive is installed. Users can drop a file in the Google Drive folder on their PC desktop, and then access it from their iPhone later – no transfer or hard storage needed. Google Drive also uses Google Docs technology to enable cloud editing and automatic saving and syncing.

Google Drive


For the iPhone, these Google apps are a must. Especially for users who use Google’s suite of web-based software from their work and home computers.


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