Blackberry Playbook

Why BlackBerry PlayBook is the Most Secure Tablet for Business Use

As more businesses adopt tablets as productivity enhancement tools, there is much speculation about the security risks inherent in these devices.

A recent technology audit and report by Context Information Security compared three of the biggest tablets’ data security features and found that Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook had the most secure hardware/software combination available on the market. The report looked at the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and BlackBerry PlayBook side-by-side, and evaluated the quality of their data security as it relates to enterprise-level businesses.

Blackberry Playbook

BlackBerry PlayBook- The Most Secure Tablet

The BlackBerry PlayBook stands out in the crowd for a variety of reasons, including its separation of work and personal data, the security added by the BlackBerry Bridge application, and its FIPS certification—for use as a device by U.S. government agencies that handle sensitive data and information. Following the report, John Leyden of The Register tells of how the Blackberry is the only device that notably allows a distinction between professional and personal usage in one device. He also feels that this is an important factor considering that many companies are beginning to trend towards “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).”

Blackberry Playbook
Image via Flickr, taken by Enrique Dans

Another one of the PlayBook’s primary security features for enterprises is that in order to access sensitive information like work email, the PlayBook authenticates with a BlackBerry mobile device. William Deutsche of explains it concisely when he writes that as the PlayBook becomes less of a smartphone, the lack benefits will become apparent. The encryption key is unique and resides on the phone, so if a tablet is accidentally left on the back-seat of a cab in a bustling city, rest assured that the data is secure. This is especially important for enterprises and government agencies.

blackberry playbook
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The report wasn’t so pleased with Android’s security features, noting that the Galaxy Tab displayed that it lacked in security features, making it hard to recommend for professional use.  In addition to the security factors, management tools beyond ActiveSync are not as proficient; making it more difficult to manage multiple devices. As employees seek device options that are approved by IT departments, businesses struggle to manage the large number of devices now on each network, while at the same time keeping valuable data secure.

Jonathan Roach, author of the report states,

“It is difficult to ignore the growing presence of tablet computers in the home and workplace offering a blend of productivity, connectivity and physical freedom which has never been achieved before … The device format is perfect for social networking and creating and sharing documents, presentations and other content on-the-fly, but the same characteristics also present tough security challenges for organizations.”

The BlackBerry PlayBook is also certified by the Federal Information Processing Standard, meaning that it’s been approved for use by government agencies. If the government trusts the device’s security, its advantages should be apparent to enterprises.

  1. I understand that Blackberry hasn’t had the best portrayal recently, but hopefully with the new Blackberry 10, recognition such as this, that Blackberry can reinvent its name and be very successful – I am really excited to see where the future of Blackberry goes.

  2. Blackberry Playbook isn’t doing well and by now a lot of enterprise users may have already forgotten if Blackberry Playbook even existed in the market.

    Heck, the naming of “Playbook” doesn’t even portray as a serious tablet for work.

    However, It is definitely a good news for Blackberry for being the most secure tablets in the market.

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