How Much Malware is Out There? [infographic]

Online information security is becoming a huge issue throughout the world. That’s probably why new companies are springing up whose sole purpose is to protect individuals’ and companies’ information from online attack. It’s a sad fact that the more developed a country is; the more likely its citizens are to face online assaults. This is proven by the fact that over thirty-seven percent of worldwide malware issues occur in the United States alone with Russia around thirteen percent.

Most people don’t realize that the types of websites they choose to frequent have a great effect on their likelihood of facing online attacks, and the worst sites aren’t the ones most people would imagine.  Blogs and other types of communication websites, on the other hand, make up nearly twenty percent of the world’s websites that are used to launch malware assaults. It just goes to show that there is no completely safe category of websites online.

Websites are definitely not the only method that online criminals use to pass along malware. Email communications are also a highly risky avenue. Studies have shown that one out of every 239 sent emails contains some form of a computer virus. This is a sad reality considering the fact that 187.2 million of the 232.4 million identities that have been stolen have been due to malware and hacking attacks.

Check out the infographic below to get more information!


How Much Malware is Out There [infographic]

Infographic presented by Inspired eLearning, providers of online training solutions.

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