5 Amazing Gadgets You Can Now Use Underwater Without Destroying Them

There’s a big difference these days in what you can do with technology and its gadgets. In the past you would ruin anything if you fell into the water. Now they are actually making gadgets especially for this. The sea is no longer off limits in a certain amount of cases (no pun intended). You still can’t jump in with your laptop at the moment, though I’ve got no idea why you would want to do that anyway.

Let’s have a look at some of the cool underwater gadgets getting sold at the moment.

Pinterest Underwater headphones

Underwater Headphones Gadgets

Swimming isn’t exactly the more exciting activity in the world. People even race as fast as they can just so they can jump out of the water. They know it gets boring real soon. Normal people don’t pay attention to this and they end up swimming for ages to try and lose weight. If you want to add a little excitement to your morning swim you can start wearing underwater headphones. They will definitely make that 30 minutes pass much quicker.

Pinterest LifeProof iPhone case

iPhone Case
If you want a case that can protect your iPhone from nearly everything then you will be in safe hands with the offering from LifeProof. There’s probably not too many times you’ll need to go swimming with your phone, although it’s always handy to have if you’re on a boat. You never know when you might fall in and the last thing you want is a ruined phone after getting soaking wet.

Pinterest A diving mask with built-in camera

Gadget: Goggle With HD Camera
Liquid Image has got some great looking diving masks out at the moment. If you ever wanted a gadget that could record anything underwater then this could be it. You don’t even need to carry anything in your hands because the camera is built into the mask. It can capture still photos as well as some funky videos. It can be used in the Great Barrier Reef, or just playing in the garden pool with the kids.

Pinterest Snorkeling Master Watch

When it comes to things you can do underneath the water you’d have to say snorkeling is the most relaxing out of the lot. You don’t need to wear heavy equipment or go out on boats. Just pick your crystal-clear ocean and get started. If you have this special snorkeling watch it makes things easier for you, because you can use it to keep track of all your dives. It will even tell you what temperature the water is and how far down you have actually traveled. You don’t want to be going too far.

Pinterest Nuud iPad case

Even though the iPad has only been out a few years they have brought out an amazing waterproof case already. I know you’re not going to send emails underwater and it’s not what this is for, but you can lie in the middle of the swimming pool in an inflatable chair and do all your work. How great is that? That’s what you call the good life. You can also use the case for those times when you think there’s a chance you’ll get wet.

Do you use any of these awesome gadgets? Let us know your experience in the comments section below!


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