A Magnetless World [Infographic]

You may not realize it, but over the years scientists and engineers have made astounding discoveries and uses with magnets. Technologies such as the monorail, MRI machine, and even the vacuum have all been made possible through the magical properties of magnets.

Because of the incredible usefulness of magnets, the abundance of magnetic material, and the ability to create electromagnets, today’s society is riddled with magnet operated devices and machines. Take a look around and you will certainly be able to count the number of things around you that contains magnets. In fact… You are reading this on one now. Your computer, monitor, tablet, and cellphone all contain magnets.

Below is a graphic that gives some more information about magnets and offers a view of what the world would look like if magnets were not available. Without magnets you could say goodbye to your blender, iPod, and even your car. So take a look around and appreciate all the things made possible through magnets.


This graphic is presented by Magnets.com, Inc. Magnets.com is a creator of custom refrigerator magnets and is proud to work with materials that has such awesome power! Connect with Magnets.com on Google+!



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  2. Fascinating. Thanks for sharing this, Mushfiqur! I became more aware of magnets a year ago when my father got a pacemaker. He’s not allowed to be around magnets now. I then discovered how many places have magnets. But you enlightened me even further.

    1. Hello Carolyn! Great to know you liked this infographic. Even I was unaware about the importance of magnets in our daily lives.
      Do take care of your father. I hope he is doing great!
      Thanks for commenting Carolyn!

    1. Hey Nicko!
      Magnets are indeed one of the main reasons for the existence of all the tech products and what not. I wonder, what would happen if there were no magnets at al!

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