5 Ultra HD TVs That You Would Love (Wish) to Buy

Day by day consumers are becoming more crazy about buying tablets, smartphones, laptops, ultrabooks or even the most expensive ones such as the  MacBook Pro. In fact, they are going through tough times in deciding which one to buy. They have that will to buy the products because the prices are within the range. Price is the most significant factor of a product to determine it’s demand unless it becomes a necessity. If anyone wishes to buy, say a $1000 MacBook, one would  have to start saving or ask for money from someone (parents, if it’s a kid) promising to pay back again at a settled date.

But when the price of the desired product stands at $20000, it just adds up in the wish list, list of products which are practically impossible to buy. Well, nothings impossible once you start saving but reaching that height will take a very long time.

Recently, Ultra HD TV or UHD have entered the tech market showing off it’s dazzling display and super awesome sound system. The Ultra HD TVs are the next big thing in the TV technology sector. Unfortunately, there isn’t much movies/videos that actually take the advantage of the gargantuan resolution the HD TVs offer.

So why so much hype? The MindBLASTING display and sound.

Here I have listed 5 Ultra HD TV that you would love to have in your living room.

1) LG’s 84 Inch Ultra HD TV (84LM960V)

Credit: LG

Dubbed as the world’s first Ultra HD TV, the LG TV has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 with a LED display. If you buy this product, you get 7 3D glasses of which 4 are 3D, 2 are Dual Play Glasses and 1 Clip-on. One of the main benefits is that these type of TVs lets you to watch 3D movies without glasses, known as passive 3D. Of course you do have the option of wearing glasses but I see no point in wearing one when you get a crystal clear 4 x 1080 display.

Other notable specs include, 3 USB 2.0 ports, 4 HDMI ports, WiFi connectivity, built in camera and intelligent sensor.

Price: $ 19999


2) Sony’s 84 Inch Ultra HD TV (KD-84X9005)

Credit: Samsung

They call it, the “4K”, not the ordinary term Ultra HD TV. Why? The TV features 4000 pixels just as the other HD TVs. The only reason I find behind naming it 4K is to be unique.

According to Sony, the TV has the new XCA8-4K chip which powers the TV to elevate both low resolution content and HD content to the 4000 pixel display at 3840 x 2160 resolution. The interesting part is that it comes with a Sony Xperia Tablet S which could be used as a remote control.

Gamers do not have to worry about their screens getting sliced up into two when playing Co-Op because with the new technology, SimulView, it enables the gamers to enjoy gaming without split screen. How awesome is that? Of course, this is only compatible with the Playstation 3. It should be noted that the SimulView glasses are sold separately.

Price: $25000

3) Samsung 85 Inch Ultra HD TV

Samsung HD TV
Credit: SamsungTomorrow

Although a late entrant into the industry, Samsung’s Ultra HD TV will be the biggest one out of all the ones listed, just by an inch. The TV hasn’t been revealed yet but will be in next year’s Consumer’s Electronics Show to be held in Las Vegas.

From what Samsung has announced in the Press Release, the TV will be using an innovative enhanced dimming technology with a very high contrast ratio to deliver greater detailed picture with crystal clear quality and also offering a “powerful and dynamic” range of sounds. To qualify as an Ultra HD TV, it will be providing a display over 8 millions pixels with four times the regular HD Displays.

Samsung hasn’t revealed the price yet but to stay in the competition they might price it below $20000 or stay within that range. Don’t even expect it to fall in the 10 category.

Price: $ Unknown

4) Toshiba’s 84 Inch Ultra HD TV

Toshiba Ultra HD TV
Credit: theverge.com

Toshiba was actually the first company to bring out the 55″ Ultra HD TV back in 2011. It revealed its second Ultra HD TV this September in IFA held in Berlin and named the upcoming giant as the ‘Quad Full HD (4K)’ TV. Powered by Toshiba’s CEVO Engine 4K, it delivers crystal clear audio and great picture quality. Moreoever, it features a sleeker housing than the other models, thanks to the lack of side mounted speakers.

Toshiba too did not reveal much information about the new “Quad Full HD (4K)” but pricing would probably be at the same range as the other Ultra HD TVs. The TV will be available in the first half of 2013 in the US and Europe.

Price: $ Unknown

5) Sharp’s 60 Inch Ultra HD TV

ICCPurios Ultra HD TV

Japanese Corp. Sharp has unveiled it’s 60-inch Ultra HD TV with a price tag of $31000 (2,625,000 yen) , the most expensive one so far. Dubbed as the “ICC Purios”  it will be sold only in Japan as nothing has been mentioned yet about it being sold elsewhere abroad. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sharp is currently struggling in the market and the pricing on this TV was a indeed a very bad move. When all the big brands Ultra HD TVs are much cheaper with a larger display, why on earth did they even think to put such a price. According to Sharp, their TV is more “realistic” than others and this is what would attract the consumers to buy it. The ICC Purios is the world’s first THX certified TV and this might be the reason due to its high price.

Price: $31000


So here are the lists of the Ultra HD TV. Which one would you choose? If I was asked this question, and most importantly, if I would have the money I would go straight to a car shop and buy a car or maybe put it in the bank and save.

Only those who have a lot of cash and cannot figure out what to do next with so much money, buying these Ultra HD TV is a must for them.

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