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5 Reasons to Use Twitter in Business Marketing

Twitter; The Boss of Business Marketing

Most of us who don’t do any business at all never even touch twitter but if you do any type of event following or want to catch up on the latest news of anyone, Twitter is the place to go. Twitter keeps fans following them even when they can’t keep an eye on them in life. This means that if a business can get a Twitter following, their business will have customers coming in everyday and talking about how great their business is. There are several reasons why a business would want to use Twitter.


There are over 500 million registered users on Twitter and nearly 80% of them are up . This means that 80% of the time there’s a conversation that could include your business name being advertised by word of mouth over Twitter to a professional reviewer. Because it has such a diverse culture within its internet walls Twitter is a wonder when it comes to businesses and making new business associates.

Known for business use

Business Twitter

Now that it is known for business like Starbucks and Costco people don’t block these businesses from following them. This is good for business when they release an update and the person sees it and “retweets” it and this is where the advertisements begin. While having a long list of followers is great, it’s also important to have them “retweet” because that means that you are no longer questioning whether your being heard or not.


Twitter Business

This site is full of international languages which means a long list of people who can advertise your business by word of mouth. Twitter has become the virtual New York of self business and trying to be heard, if you can make it there then you can make it anywhere. It is important to note that all you have to do to use twitter in other language is know how to use Google translate.

Simple layout

twitter business

The layout for this site is brilliant and anyone can pick it up to use it. You have at most of 140 characters and it has an endless list of tweets from the people you follow on the right hand side. This layout is best for those who want to pick up news quickly and move on. As this site has so many users, Twitter acts like a phone messenger as it has nearly the same amount of restrictions per message. 140 characters is perfect for anyone trying to make a short advertisement and don’t have a lot of resources to it.


Twitter has an App for smart phones which means that you can do the advertisements or updates from your phone and don’t need to sit at the computer for it. You can check messages to see which advertisements went through and which ones had no effect at all.


So, here are the 5 reasons on why Twitter should be used for business Marketing. Have any other reasons? Drop it in the comments below!


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  1. I do use Twitter for my business but personally, I am not a
    big fan of it myself. I find the Home
    screen a little too cramped and you have to do some clicking to view posted

  2. I think Twitter is very valuable to some business but not all. If you have a business that reaches across the U.S. or Worldwide then Twitter can help you greatly. However for someone who owns a small business specific to one state Twitter wouldn’t be as effective to be using.

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