Leaked Video of Blackberry Z10: Looks Amazing!

Perhaps the worst smartphone company to keep secrets about its own latest product before its official release is Research in Motion. Since its announcement of the new operating system and the smartphones, X10 and Z10, there has been leaks almost every week. Whatever maybe the case, the new Blackberry Z10, with an amazing outer look, which looks quite similar to the iPhone 5 might be the next big thing in this year!

We have seen pictures and now its time for a leaked video review of the device, which unfortunately is not in English but in German. Folks at Telekom-Presse, an Austrian blog, some how got hold of a Z10 device and was kind enough to post a video review of it.


Just in case you didn’t know,RIM has already sent out media invites for the upcoming gala event on January 30th to be held in New York where they will be officially announcing the new Blackberry 10 smartphones and the OS.

It seems RIM wants to enter the arena where Android is the king of the ring. Only time will say if Blackberry, with its new OS, can survive the fight that it is going to face in the coming days. Let’s not forget, they will also be facing iOS too.


If you do not know German, like me, then it would be a hard time for you to understand what the person is trying to say in the video.  After watching the video thrice and translating the blog post with the help of Google Translate, here’s a summary of the specs what you can expect from Z10:

Pinterest 4.2-inch HD display

Pinterest 1280 x 768 pixels

Pinterest  1.5 GHz OMAP 4470 Dual-Core Processor

Pinterest 8MP Rear Camera with LED Flash

Pinterest HDMI Port, USB port, 3.5 mm Audio Jack

Pinterest Weight: 125grams

Pinterest Removable Battery

Blackberry Z10

The phone has a very neat and and aesthetic design and the OS itself seems to be very user friendly. With the release of the Z10, RIM might have the chance of pulling themselves up from the grave.

All we have to do for now is wait for the official release of the Blackberry Smartphones, especially the Z10 and the OS to see if it has what it takes to top Android and iOS.


Source: [button link=”http://www.telekom-presse.at/Testbericht_BlackBerry_Z10_Teil_1_Hardware_Betriebssystem_und_Bedienung_Video.id.23964.htm” size=”medium” target=”self”]Telekom-Presse[/button]

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