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This is another blog post on a great app which I am sure all of you would love to download. Everybody knows about the amazing Kindle on which you can read books at ease without any distraction. Now for those who don’t have Kindle, or cannot afford one, you can simply download it to your PC and start reading your favourite books.

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If you have already bought Kindle books on a Kindle or a mobile device which has a Kindle app, the books would sync to your PC directly. So this app is also for those who have a Kindle, not only for those who don’t.


After you download, be sure to register it as you would be able to get the Dictionary software, otherwise you wont be able to get the meanings of the difficult words.

There are variety of options in this app. You can either view the book as one page or make the layout like the book itself. Some of the features are listed below

  • Highlight your important points
  • Add notes
  • Search in wikipedia
  • Add a bookmark to leave the trace of your last read
  • Change the text size
  • Change Words per line
  • Option of selecting the background colour, be it white, black or sepia. For your eyes, choosing a white background is better but it totally depends on you.
  • Last but not the least, very user friendly.
If you want to download free books for kindle, I would suggest you to go to this following site. Click .If you do not find your desired one there, buy it from Amazon directly to your kindle !
Hope you enjoy this app ! Happy Reading!


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