Strawberryjam : A Great App To Keep Track Of The Hottest Stories

When you log in to your Facebook or Twitter account, you obviously look on your news feed to see what your friends are sharing one by one. You find something interesting and click it to find its totally boring ! How can you understand the links shared are interesting and popular ? You can! This is where plays its part. It examines what links your friends are sharing the most and shows you the most popular stuff being shared around. The most attractive part is that it shows you all the popular links in real time which means it simply shows what is popular NOW !

Strawberryjam | Social Media Tool comes out with it’s unique domain name. Sounds cool and delicious, what do you think ? Initially it might seem it has something to do with food but no, it doesn’t. You have to keep in mind, it is not Google. This is simply an excellent social media tool for finding the trending links from the people you follow.

But… this app is still in closed beta, not open for all 🙁 What to do ? Nothing to worry about ! Add your email address in their website and within days you would gain access to this awesome app. Currently this app concentrates on your Twitter stream. Let’s hope it would also add the option of adding Facebook accounts when it would be open to the public.

Let’s look at some of the great features it provides-

Strawberryjam | Social Media Tool


  • The picture above shows all the tweets from your stream and also shows if there is any interesting stuff that is being mentioned right now ( in real time). Notice the search bar indicating @ibucketbot. And there is that bee on the top right bragging about what it has found after a tiresome work of gathering the information.

Strawberryjam | Social Media Tool

  • This  shows the popular item that has been shared by your Twitter friends and has been mentioned twice (only!)  If you find it interesting, you also have the option to retweet it to your followers !

Strawberryjam | Social Media Tool


  • Enough of your twitter stream, you now want to see what’s hot on the web and what’s being shared by all in twitter. You can either search, add # tag and add lists.


Strawberryjam | Social Media Tool


  • For example, you might want to know the latest news from Sony and what it has to offer to the technology sector. Such information you can get from any news site, but here it shows the important trending news by the number of people mentioning it. More the people mentioning it, hotter the topic !


Strawberryjam | Social Media Tool

  • In the previous point (refer to the picture) you can see the option of reading the article now or later. If you want to read it now, it does not redirect you to it’s original web address, rather there is a pop-up which shows the full article !
With such awesome features in this app, this can be a major time drain as it provides great articles to read ! Overall, this is a pretty handy app to keep you updated and of course brag around about the latest stories on the web.
As this web app is in beta I have 3 invitations left, so if anyone of you are interested to give it a try, drop your comments below  and I’ll gladly send it to you 🙂

  1. Wow! This app is interesting! I wonder why this is not so popular around the world. Its my first time to know this.

    1. Agree with you but it has its differences. Digg relies on user's votes to be popular and here, it depends upon the number of times a topic being shared by your friends in the stream ! Makes it easy to know what's trending!

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