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How about an iPhone with diamonds and dinosaur bones ?

  • Want an expensive iPhone with diamonds and dinosaur bones to show off ? It’s not bad to show off as you would be the centre of attraction in a crowd when everyone would notice your shiny and glittery mobile phone. Here are the list of those expensive iPhone sets that you can buy ! If you are thinking these are within the range of $900-$2000, think again.

These iPhones are specially designed by Stuart Hughes and the main attraction is the body of the mobile sets. Yes, that same man who had made the £5,000,000 iPad 2. It would make you wonder how he possibly could make all these.

iPhone 4 History Edition



What does this phone have ?
> Apple logo made of diamonds and platinum
> Rear section has a 65 million year old T-Rex tooth
> Meteoric Stone added

Price- £39,995.00 ($63860.33)


iPhone 4 Diamond Rose


What does this phone have ?
>  500 diamonds over 100 CT
>  Apple Logo made from gold and 53 diamonds
> It also has a chest which holds this set made from a single block of granite

Price- £5,000,000 ($7983538.96)


iPhone 4 Diamond Queen edition


What does this phone have ?
>  Surrounding frame has 7.8ct of diamonds
>  Platinum Apple Logo with .53ct of diamonds

Price-  £18,995 ($30329.46)


iPhone 4G 24ct solid gold

What does this phone have ?
>  Enough with diamonds, this contains solid gold of 150 gms of 24ct
>  32 Gb phone

Price-   £21,995 ($35119.59)

Great prices isn’t it ? Wonder what Stuart Hughes would make the upcoming iPhone 5 into!

  1. Wow! Those are some eccentric decorations just for a mobile phone, i could imagine only the vain would try and get them 🙂 but still if your not that rich you can still get the same as them.

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