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With the addition of Google Plus in the social media world, things are changing in the blogosphere with bloggers adding the +1 button and the profile widget to their blog. If you have a Google Plus profile, why not add a widget in your blog if you still haven’t ? It would be great to add new friends to your circles !

Now, there are plenty of Google Plus Widgets you can find but this particular one looks great and elegant ! Other widgets look plain and simple but this particular one stands out from them all.

Don’t have Google Plus yet ? Get it now! 🙂

To get your widget, go to Once you go there you will see a range of options to design your widget.

Firstly, you need to get your Google Plus ID. Where to find it ? Go to your profile and you will find the following ID number.

Add your ID in the settings box and click Get Code to preview it.

Settings Box

 Once done, play with the settings and create your own awesome Google Plus widget ! You can include your feed if you want to, change the button colour, hover button colour and much more ! Don’t forget to get your code again by clicking the button !



    1. I guess G+ will get better and better day by day and will make each one of us active ! Right now, Facebook is still dominating no doubt.

      Do add it Rajib, it sure does look good ! Thanks for your comment Rajib 🙂

  1. The widget has got an attractive look but I am not adding it on my blog because my google plus profile has reached the maximum limit so can't add anyone further 🙁

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