The Latest Smartphone Technology: 5 Things Your Device is Capable Of

Of all cell phone users, approximately 66 percent own a smartphone. Many of those people would be lost without their device; it is commonly used to browse the Internet, play games and even work out. But, did you know that your smartphone could also help reduce the noise level in your house or provide you with your daily caffeine fix? Smartphone technology is becoming more sophisticated, and as a result, these small devices can do some pretty amazing things.

Pinterest Turn off noisy toys

Is your home overrun with loud, battery operated toys? Tetherboard is working on a controller that will let you turn off an electronic toy simply by pushing a button on your smartphone. If you don’t have any children, the controller is still quite useful; you can manage any battery-operated device in your home, and the controller will tell you when the batteries need to be changed and even let you set up timers and schedules.

Pinterest Get your morning coffee brewing

Qualcomm is working on a project called AllJoyn, which joins together products from different manufacturers. For instance, an Apple device and an Android device can be linked through an open source networking platform. In addition, home electronics can even be added to the mix, making it possible for you to turn on your coffee maker from your smartphone, right when you wake up, without ever getting out of bed.

Pinterest Communicate with medical professionals

Smartphones are becoming a crucial accessory in the healthcare field. If a patient needs to have a device put into their body, like a heart monitor, their doctor can get updates about their condition through the smartphone. The implanted device sends the necessary information to the doctor’s phone, making it easy for patients to receiving the monitoring and care that they need. In the future, the hope is that smartphones could help doctors make diagnoses without patients ever leaving the comfort of their homes.

Pinterest Speak in a different language

NTT Docomo created an Android app that translates Japanese; as a result, native speakers can communicate with people from other countries through their smartphone. Right now, Japanese is the only language that the app translates, and the user must have a NTT Docomo device to use it. However, other companies, like Microsoft and Alcatel-Lucent, are thought to have their own version of the app in the works.

Pinterest Talk in the tub

Two of the latest smartphones can work under water; due on the market sometime in 2013, the Fijitsu Stylistic S01 and the Sony Xperia Z are pricey, but users won’t have to worry about an unexpected storm damaging their device. You can even use it in the shower, although it may be best to just leave the smartphone on dry ground to be safe.

Cell phones have come a long way in the past decade. Soon, it may seem like there isn’t anything that your smartphone can’t do!


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  1. Hopefully when AllJoyn is out on full release I can end up getting my morning coffee 5 minutes earlier thanks to my smartphone 🙂

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