Ensure Your Laptop’s Safety By Implementing These 7 Great Tips

How many months did it take you to save up enough money to buy your laptop? They’re definitely not the cheapest things in the world, especially if you want a good one. You work hard and save every last cent you have and the big day finally arrives. You grab your laptop out of the box and you’re the happiest person in the world. It’s now your job to make sure you keep it nice and safe, so we’re going to look at a few great ways you can do that.

Pinterest Get a security lock

If you have a security lock for your laptop you can attach a cable to it and wrap it around something heavy. This is essential when you’re out in public because you don’t want someone to snatch it from the table when you turn around to look at something. If anyone does try to steal it the laptop will be rendered useless, so you can claim a new one on your insurance and the thief will get nothing.

Pinterest Put a label on it

Would you steal something if another person’s name was etched into the lid? There wouldn’t be much point because you wouldn’t be able to sell it to anyone. Nobody is going to buy a laptop that has been stolen, but even if they did the thief couldn’t sell it for very much money. If you’re planning to use your laptop for a long time it’s definitely something to consider.


Pinterest Use GPS to locate it

If your laptop is ever stolen it’s a lot easier to find it when you have tracking software installed. It will tell you the exact coordinates of where it is and you can even access the laptop to recover your files. With some software you can also use the camera without the other person knowing and you will get a good look at their face. Without it there is less chance your prized possession will ever be recovered.

Pinterest Encrypt your data

You need to start encrypting your data if you don’t do it already. This is even more important if you use the laptop when you’re on the move because there is more chance of it being stolen. Thieves don’t like hard work and they won’t want to mess around with something if they can’t access any of the data. Why do you think they choose their lovely profession in the first place?

Pinterest Secure your passwords

When you’re choosing a password do you make it simple for someone to crack? You should be making very secure passwords that would take someone a very long time to figure out. It should definitely include numbers and you should use a mixture of upper and lower case letters. If it’s going to be hard for you to remember them you should use a password manager.

Pinterest Monitor activity

You might not be the only person who has access to your laptop. If you let other people use it you’re taking a big chance. They could do anything with it and you could end up in serious trouble. They only need to start looking at the wrong websites and you could have an infestation of viruses on your hands. Start using keylogger software and you will know when to stop someone from using it.

Pinterest Make backups of everything

There is only one way to guarantee that you don’t lose any of your important data and it’s to make sure you back up everything. If you are smart, and I know you are, you will back everything up in more than one location. Make sure one place you back things up is in the cloud and the other place could just be an external hard drive in your room.

About the author

Sheldon Lewis is a college student and a tech lover. He often caaries a laptop to college for regular day’s work and so ensuring its safety is a must, according to him. He trusts webwatcher software for data security and tracking of his laptop and suggests other to do the same.

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