How to remove Facebook News Ticker Box in Chrome and Firefox

Once again, the Chrome Webstore comes to the rescue by releasing an extension which would be highly demanded by the Facebook users who hate the ticker box. With the recent changes flowing in and more coming, it’s getting hard for the users to get used to the new designs. Whenever I open my home page, hate messages about the new Facebook design pops up every minute. Most importantly, users hate the new ticker box. Some say, it’s ruining their privacy about what they are doing while they are in Facebook.
For Google Chrome Users

 Download this plugin

 Add it to Chrome

 Restart your Chrome browser

 You have successfully removed the ticker box 😀


For FireFox Users

Please note that it by installing this extension, you would not be able to see the new sidebar rather it will take you back to the old chat system. The ticker would be visible on your home page but once you are in your profile it would not appear again. Therefore, the ticker does not completely get removed while using Firefox. You can still follow the steps below to remove it once you are in your profile page.

 Install Greasemonkey

 After successfully doing so, install this script 

 Once done, Firefox would automatically restart and you can see the old chat box again.

Hope this helps ! 🙂

  1. i don't hate the ticker, i might just not look at it. thanks for the tip though, will pass it on if someone else needs it!

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