3 Great Project Management Apps For Your Small Business

For a business to be profitable, project management plays a crucial role and the outcome of the business project is heavily dependant on how it’s planned and initiated. In short, project management means to break down the long-term projects into tasks which can later be assigned to a group of individuals.

To make things easier, there are many web based project management applications around which helps to organize the handling of projects. The apps are far more better to use than just using the plain paper documents and spreadsheets. It makes it easier for communication to take place between the members, track the time to complete the project they are aiming for, share documents and more.

Such project management tools are regarded as important tools for mainly startup business to help link everyone and handle the project effectively. There are many applications online but here I am listing out 5 of them which are used by many for their projects. However, most of the popular ones are quite expensive but they do provide free services or come at a very low price for a small team.

–> Basecamp


Basecamp is filled with features to get your projects going in full throttle. Though it just had an update, users still love the old one better but that does not mean it is lacking all that it used to have. Starting at $20/month, you can start managing at least 10 projects. To make your projects secure, SSL data encryption has been added which is normally found in online banks and most importantly there’s daily backup of your data to prevent data loss. The best part is it can accommodate unlimited users. With Basecamp offering great sets of tools consisting of premium features, it creates a great environment for the team for their business to excel

Zoho Projects


Zoho Projects is another very popular platform for project management having a simple user interface to set up projects. One of the key features of Zoho is the real project management settings which is incorporated with tasks and milestones to organize the project. Another important feature of this web based project management application is the bug tracker which allows the team to collaborate and fix bugs to get the work done on time.

Good thing about Zoho projects is that if you have only one project to handle, it wouldn’t cost you a cent to initiate a project. For creative groups such as website designers or starters, it would cost $200/year with unlimited number of projects to sign up. Though it comes with 5GB of space, it’s worth it.



With over 150,000 companies using Teambox, what can go wrong? Many influential companies use Teambox to manage their activities in order to have a smooth operation.

Teambox sports a friendly interface enabling the members of the project to easily do certain tasks such as setting keyboard shortcuts, drag-and-drop tasks and anything that can save valuable time.   Features include easy file storage, various options for communication, staying alert through email notification and more. If you are looking for a project management solution that has immense collaboration features, Teambox is the one you should check out.

It is free of cost for a single user but if your team consists of 5 members, it would cost $25/month with unlimited storage and $300/month for 75 users.

So which of these do you like? Have any other apps that you would recommend? Post it in the comments below!


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