Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’ Released

Microsoft has finally released the  much awaited upgrade, Windows Phone 7.5 aka Mango, to the users worldwide. The new 7.5 upgrade offers a lot of useful updates such as multitasking, better web browsing, powerful social networking tools, ability to make your smartphone a WiFI spot for upto 5 devices and of course more apps to play around with.

Windows Phone 7 was just launched less than a year ago, and with this great update Microsoft hopes to catch up with Google‘s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms as they were lagging behind.

According to Microsoft, they aim to make the update available to all the users within 4 weeks, step by step. They wont release them to all the users at once. Initially, 10% of the users would get the update on their mobile, then 25% and so on. Some of the users might get frustrated for not getting the updates at one as Microsoft has pressed on the quality issue rather than just feeding the update to all at once. If done so,it might cause serious problems.

To check if your phone got the update, check the status on your phone by clicking – Where’s My Phone

Other features

> With Facebook and Windows live added to the ‘What’s new ?’ feature, users would also get updates from Twitter and LinkedIn.

> The multi-tasking have been mentioned a lot and it seems this update was rather focused in this area. This sure is an important factor because switching from one app to another happens with almost everyone and luckily with multitasking feature added, it would not affect the performance and the battery life.

> The all new Internet Explorer 9 is also included in the update with the same rendering engine as the one used in the PC. But there will be no support for flash. Instead HTML5 is being used here!

> New tools in bing : Local Scout- an app showing you places of interests nearby. Bing Vision- letting people search with their camera through bar codes.

Check out Microsoft’s Website to know more about the updates 

 pics from Microsoft

by Mushfique

  1. It was about time, i think they delayed this launching to much. Android phones caught a large piece of market already. I don't know if they will be a real "enemy" for iphone and android phones.

    1. I guess they did not care if it was too late, they needed to do something to stay ahead of the game. It's attraction will just fade away when iPhone 5 will be released! (or iPhone 4S)

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