A Decade of the Most Popular CMS: WordPress [Infographic]

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the most popular content management system- WordPress.

What was once a small blogging software in 2003 is now one of the most used and important CMS in the world. Personally, I started my blogging journey through Google’s blogger but after hearing the awesomeness embedded in WordPress, I could do nothing but delete my old blog and start a new one in WordPress. Till now, I never felt that urge to leave WordPress and move on to another CMS and most probably never will.

The main attraction of WordPress is that it’s completely free of charge and has become a standard feature on web hosts. Whenever you buy any hosting for your new website, there’s a 90% chance that WordPress is already installed saving you a lot time from installing it manually.

WordPress has revealed only the statistics of their free blogging platform, WordPress.com version, where there are currently 66,267,111 blogs online!

Apart from the number of blogs, there’s an increasing trend of people reading WordPress blogs over the years as you can see from the graph below and the trend will continue to follow in the coming years. Pingdom.com predicts that  by 2015, 6.5 billion page views will be made every month on sites using the WordPress platform.

For more information about the history of this popular CMS, do read the infographic below.

Are you using WordPress? Let us know how you feel using it!


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