Apple unveiling iPhone 5 [Live Blog]

UPDATES : The show has started . It’s iPhone 4S, not iPhone 5
Rumours have been spreading that Apple never mentioned about releasing iPhone 5, rather it will be releasing the iPhone 4s. Out of all the rumours, this particular one is being circulated widely, ‘  iPhone 5 to be Sprint Exclusive ‘ . Yesterday, Wall Street Journal reported that Sprint had agreed to pay about $20 billion to Apple for over 30.5 million iPhone for 4 years. If this is a Sprint Exclusive, it would offer a 4G WiMAX connection, 1GB ram, 32GB storage, 4” NOVA type touch screen, slightly larger with a larger battery but skinnier case and of course a fast processor.

On the other hand, if Apple released iPhone 4s instead of the over hyped iPhone 5, … let’s just hope this won’t occur. If it does, Tim Cook would have a hard time !

Well, these are all just rumours.

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by Mushfique

  1. this is rather disappointing, despite the fact that iphone 4s is a pretty decent phone.

    I mean we expected more than an upgrade to already existing iphone 4.

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