How Social Media Boosts Sales

There have always been multiple ways to sell something to an unsuspecting consumer, who sincerely has no intentions of buying anything. The advent of mobile and especially social networking has provided even more chances for a consumer to buy something unexpectedly and increase overall sales of some company or corporation.  Numerous Tweets, Likes and Pins do not only generate huge amount of data at servers of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but provide unique opportunities for marketers and promoters to offer goods to consumers who really need them.  It is much easier to sell something having quite a good idea of what a consumer needs and is already eager to buy.

Incorporate Widgets, Investigate Buyers’ Needs, Sell

Nowadays retailers and custom brands are really preoccupied to have website development guys integrate all those social features in their website, but the feedback is also very important.  More attention should be paid not only to representation of the brand in the social media, but numerous social networks should become a subject of close research to investigate what customers really want and need.
According to the latest research by BI Intelligence when using mobile devices users spend most of their time in social networks, which makes social space the first place to meet a potential buyer.  The most popular social media networks such as Facebook and Pinterest provide about 56% of all social generated sales.   Most socially-agitated users are women who are usually in charge of household spending and buying at the age of 25-40, which means they possess considerable disposable income.

Make it Just a Few Clicks Away

Another important feature which web developers should be fully aware of and which has been tested and proven by Amazon is that buying should be effortless and just a click away. If the process demands some complex manipulation with lots of info provided a customer is sure to cancel the operation. The closer the crucial “BUY” button is to the process of actual choosing a product, the more likely the selling operation is successful. As psychologists pose it, most mobile purchases especially those instigated by friend recommendations via some social network are impulse-driven. That’s why nothing should distract a future customer from his or her sincere intention to spend their money on the chosen goods or service.
In general, web and mobile commerce is on the rise. If the present generation adores it and sticks to that way of shopping on a regular basis, then children of present web shoppers will hardly have any idea that some other way of obtaining goods  has ever existed, which  means  retailing should start preparing for a future surge in sales now.


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  1. I agree with points discussed in the post. This suggest me that being an affiliate marketer I should chose affiliate product that provide a one click sales process.

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