Chrome Remote Desktop- Get access to any computer !

Google has released a great extension which allows you to remotely control a computer from your Google Chrome Browser or Chromebook. With this release, this might be a good news for those who do not trust apps from third-party such as Team Viewer, which  allows you to do the same thing but this extension is a browser-based one whereas Team Viewer is desktop app. Though it’s only the first version, the whole process of getting linked to another PC is done in seconds and the speed of interacting with the other computer depends on the net speed. Initially, when I tested it, it was lagging but on the next try, it turned out to be smooth.

According to Google, the goal of the release of the beta version was to simply demonstrate the core “Chrome Remoting Technology” and also get useful feedback from the users.

So how to set the app up ? Simple process

 Download the extension 

 Authorise only once


  Now you have two options. Either you can share your computer or access another computer. Too bad both cannot be done at once.

If you want your computer to be shared, you would have to generate an unique code and whoever wants to access it must get this code. Not to worry, this is totally safe until you pass on this code to the public.

 If you want to access another remote desktop, the same process above has to be followed. By just inserting the code, you are ready to get connected.

 This is how it looks when access is gained to another computer.

As this is the first version, we can expect more features from Google in the coming days. What Google can do is enable the users to exchange files from one computer to the other. This would make the app more attractive to all the users. Apart from all what to include or not, this is a great start!

by Mushfique

  1. this is good but I think it has a long way to go before it can provide the secure access, as only a unique code isn't enough. they'll have to add more security checks to make it less vulnerable to hackers.

  2. Looks like the extension is great. But I'm a bit concerned about privacy. Won't it give opportunity for the hackers to get access to your computer?

    1. Adam, as the extension says, it would give an unique code which would only be known by you and the person whose computer you would want to access or your other computer. There is no need to worry about hackers getting access unless you give out your code. But you never know yes, being concerned is totally legit. In my point of view, as this extension is made by Google, the security is the number 1 issue to them so I am pretty sure all of us would be safe!

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