Internet: The Modern Merlin

We can surely say one thing now that the constant exposure to information has fundamentally changed the way of communication and doing business. The rise of smart phones and social media engagement just makes it more juicy and fruitful.  It also makes Internet a utility, like electricity and water.

Business is all about contacts and relationships and the Internet has added a great value to this process. It’s an awesome way to establish your personal and business brand in the market. Lets talk about some great tools to take all the advantages of our modern day Merlin: The Internet.

Build your profile: The day has changed. It’s time when people are more open about their successes and achievements. If you are not ready to share them then you will lose it all. A site like LinkedIn can open you up to many people from different parts of the world. This is the place to tell everyone about your achievements. You should keep it professional but don’t be afraid to demonstrate your success to the world.

Promote your business: The great thing about the Internet is not just the fact that almost everyone can access it, but also that it is affordable relative to other forms of advertisement. It is also the most efficient way to measure your promotional budget. Never before has there been the ability to reach so many people at so little cost. The competition is incredibly intense but if your material is of high quality then you will succeed.e

Raise loyalty: Blogging is one of the current phenomenon in Bangladesh. But it has other effects as well. It is a great way to develop loyalty towards your service or product. Regular and well informed blogging can help to build an audience and increase loyalty among the people who are interested in what you are saying. Twitter is also a great approach for startups – to engage with their customer base and get feedback.

Manage your reputation: Success is like glass. It can break easily if you are not careful. So there is no replacement for honesty in your duty and task. In business, the world is closely linked to reputation so you should always be cautious with what you are sending out on the Internet.

Stay up to date: The world is moving very fast. Giants like Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft are introducing new products almost every quarter. Technology is constantly changing so keeping up with it is a necessary challenge you need to face to reach your goal. Make full use of all the various outlets available and be aware of any new developments in terms of sites and services.

The business world has long stirred up to the significance of social media sites such as Linkedin and Twitter and the fact is the medium is only going to become more influential as the market develops in Bangladesh. If you get it right, the web is a great way to build a profile and showcase your endowments and proficiencies to a virtually infinite audience.


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