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India launches its very own $35 Android Tablet and now Bangladesh launches Doel Laptop! The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina launched Doel yesterday, the first ever laptop made in the country. As a Bangladeshi, I am really proud of it! At least it’s a good start! Maybe one day we do not have to rely on imported electronic items any more, everything would be produced here in Bangladesh! Well those are all lofty hopes.

What’s the main attraction of Doel laptop ?

Amazingly cheap. With only $130 ( around TK 10000)  you can have the DOEL Laptop in your hands! That’s the cheapest one out of the four versions. You really would not expect to play HD movies or play Battlefield 3 in this laptop. This has been specially made so that people who cannot afford those high-priced laptops can at last have one. Main aim of the government is to spread the IT knowledge across the country.

DOEL Laptop- Bangladesh

The laptop has been manufactured by Telephone Shilpa Sangstha (TSS) and also has collaboration with BUET, Malaysian Thin Film Transistor (TFT) and other foreign experts. Right now, only 10% of the parts are made here in Bangladesh but the TSS  managing director Mohammad Ismail pointed out that he was confident to produce about 60% of the laptop parts within 6 months!

Here is the table which describes the specs of the different versions!

DOEL Laptop Price Chart- Bangladesh

Pretty Good start don’t you think ? But here is the deal. Doel is not yet available to everyone 🙁 According to the government decision, the laptops would be distributed to the government organisations and then later to be released to the public.

It’s great to see that finally the technology industry is rising here in Bangladesh by unveiling one of the world’s most cheapest laptops! Moreover, such initiatives would also increase employment in Bangladesh, increase literacy rate and head towards economic development of the country. If the government can maintain this track on the technology sector, Bangladesh can eventually break out from the label- under-developed country.


Doel Laptop is Now Available

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(picture from Official DOEL site)


  1. 4ostech says

    Thanks for the review of laptops bangladesh

    Good Luck !!!

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  3. md rakib says

    facing problem with keypad of doel laptop. Fn key to be kept pressed for typing “U, I, O, P, J, K, L, M, ;, /, 7, 8, 9.”

  4. Rafi says

    I didn't like primary & basic models but model 1612i5 looks good. Like it

  5. Josef says

    Where is Bangladesh? I guess it would be beside India. Great start, wish Bangladesh will get a good Laptop brand.

  6. Rian says

    Doel laptop from Bangladesh!! Really interesting I would like to see how it comes for people as it's the newest laptop brand in the world.

  7. James says

    This is definitely a good starting by Bangladesh. I hope this country can continue this brand with the help of people to bring the brand in the line of other pustular brand.

  8. Install solar panels says

    I found this doel brand from Bangladesh. I think as it is coming from developing country, initially there will be some disorder but in course of time the brand may be very popular in Bangladesh. Best of luck.

  9. Abir says

    Great start. Hope, one day doel laptop will the best laptop brand in Bangladesh.

  10. Keya says

    I believe this starting can bring some very good for Bandeshi people. Hope, people will support doel laptop to improve its quality. Thanks

  11. Nea Jaw says

    i will buy it. this will be awesome…………………..

  12. GadgetsNews says

    Nice start up, thanks for the info…..

  13. Jarod says

    Dont hate on bangladesh, alot of great products are made there. if everything was made in America, we wouldnt be getting anywhere… not to say that we are lazy… we just …..soo maybe we are just lazy??

  14. adiyans says

    The laptop is not yet available to everyone 🙁 According to the government decision, the laptops would be distributed to the government organisations and then later to be released to the public.<—– whay…???

    1. Mushfique says

      You never know the motive of the 'decisions' made by the govt! 😛

  15. Joan says

    Oh i read an article about this the other day, gotta agree with you – it's a good initiative!

    let's hope it runs well enough to get basic stuff done =)

    nice share!

    1. Mushfique says

      Thanks Joan! Lets hope for the best! 🙂

  16. aatif @nexus vs note says

    I must say this is really good . I wish everyone will get benefit from these two devices .

    1. Mushfique says

      Indeed! Bangladesh and India showed what they are capable of! 😀

  17. Nasif says

    Pretty good start. I just hope this laptop will reach every villages and cities along with internet access.

    1. Mushfique says

      I hope the same too Nasif 🙂 Can't wait to buy it!

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