Lack of Privacy on the Internet | You are being Watched! [infographic]

You think you have everything secured and no one can access your private files ? Think again. This infographic below shows your lack of privacy on the internet. Although this infographic seems to old due to its data completed upto 2010, it’s still worth knowing how your privacy is at risk.

Facebook‘s privacy system seems like it doesn’t exist any more. According to the data below, around 2010, almost all your information is available to all. Back then, the situation was worse, what about today? Ever since the Facebook timeline was released, people complained greatly about the privacy issue. If the person could create an updated version of this infograph, I wonder where he would put the 2011 data ? 😛

Let’s not forget about Google. It basically owns you. Google Street View did create a lot of fuss with all the photos taken. Check the infograph for details!

See the one eye symbol ? It totally refers to the Illuminati 😛 Now if you do not have an idea about the Illuminati (I think you do) you can check out my post on this subject in my other blog.Click here

Remember, you are not safe here in the cyberspace any more. The more the technology advances, the more it gets riskier. It’s time to store all your personal infos in a piece of paper. Make sure you don’t lose it!




by Mushfique

  1. Grrrr… Now Google automatically records your viewing history on YouTube UNLESS you are not logged in Google accounts! What in the world do they need that data for??

  2. the all seeing eye?that's found in an american dollar right?i am also puzzled what are they doing on the data that they have got.

  3. is it true?? i mean i don't think one can access my wall posts if i haven't allowed it..

    anyways, the fact that facebook knows everything about me isn't comforting at all as they are more than happy to sell people's personal info to the highest bidder.

    1. Omar, it's actually privacy in general. For example, the info's that we give out while filling up forms and all. That's why its better to not to give out the exact addresses!

  4. Your post have the information that is helpful and very informative. I would like you to keep up the good work. You know how to make your post understandable for most of the people. Thumbs up and Thanks.

  5. Nice share! Even though this subject's always been extremely creepy, this was an interesting read – especially the photos removal part lol, invasion of privacy is at it's extreme :p

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