The Team

Md. Mushfiqur Rahman

Mushfique is the founder of Techetron.com. He has profound interest in world economic issues. His more passionate interests include photography, music, video games and martial arts. He enjoys keeping himself up to date with current world events, primarily in technology and everything else as well.

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Nishadul Haque Nihal

Nihal is an ardent technophile with interests in photography, graphics designing and digital media. A finance major from IBA, DU he’s currently working in Robi Digital Services as Strategy Specialist.

Alavi Wahid Zaman

Alavi, Executive Editor of Techetron, is your average speckle faced guy with a huge appetite for food and an even greater craving for tech. He is always keeping an eye out for the latest and greatest in the world of technology and is on a constant prowl for the ultimate mobile device. He is a die-hard Android fanboy, converted over from the land of pale dullness that is ios. He loves writing, reading tech blogs, playing basketball and customizing his mobile devices.

Nahiyan Khan

G. Nahiyan Khan has a passion for product design and development, user experience design and technology. You can pretty much call him a technology enthusiast. If he were to be stuck on a desert island with one request – it would be access to a high speed internet connection. He loves working with new innovative ideas, figuring out functional user experiences and keeping track of developments in the technology world.

Visit his site – Nahiyan Khan


Shahriar Emil

Shahriar Emil spends an inordinate amount of time at keyboards and it is only reasonable that some of that time is devoted to writing. When he is not actively murdering cyber-infidels on a video-game he is busy creating his own characters. He fears that if he ever devoted his full attention on writing, he would become stupidly famous and won’t have time for cyber-mass-murder

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