10 Apps Every Sports Fan Needs

Mobile apps these days come for just about anything, from organization and basic functions, to social networking, to entertainment. Whatever your interest or hobby, it seems there’s an app that can help you to enjoy it more! Along those lines, here are 10 apps every sports fan ought to have.

1. MLB.com At Bat

With the MLB playoffs approaching quickly, this is a great app to have on your phone or tablet. For $2.99 a month or $9.99 for the season, you can enjoy gamecast, stats, highlights, and live radio broadcasts all across the MLB.

2. WatchESPN

By now you’ve probably seen a commercial or two for this handy live streaming app. Basically, the free app lets you watch live ESPN games from anywhere at any time. The only catch is that you need to be able to sign in through a cable provider that works with ESPN.

3. NFL Sunday Ticket by DirecTV

If you have DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket already, there’s no reason not to get this app. It brings your live NFL content (and RedZone) to your mobile devices, allowing you the most freedom you could imagine for Sunday games.

4. Fantasy Monster Pro

This is just an awesome app for fantasy sports fanatics. Basically, it brings all your teams together in one app, regardless of sport or platform. Manage your Yahoo! football squad and ESPN basketball roster in the same app. It’s $4.99, but if you’re a major fantasy player it’s well worth it.

5. ESPN ScoreCenter

One of the simplest and most effective apps for sports fans, this one simply brings you scores and updates across all sports, from ESPN.

6. Betfair Mobile

BetFair is a popular online location for sports gambling, and this app brings the activity to your mobile devices. Check up on wagers and make new bets whenever you please.

7. Team Stream

This is an app created by Bleacher Report, and designed to bring you updates and news specific to your favorite teams. Simply pick a few teams in different sports, and BR does the rest.

8. ESPN Radio

This is yet another ESPN sponsored app that brings you live radio broadcasts for a wide range of sports.


If ESPN doesn’t cover your soccer needs and you’re looking for a specific app for soccer news, scores and highlights, KYCK is for you. The app deals exclusively with European and world soccer.

10. NBC Sports Talk

Furthermore, if you’re simply looking for an alternative to ESPN for a basic sports app, this NBC option is perfect for bringing you the scores and news you crave.

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  • Robert Ryan

    I have the ESPN ScoreCenter app, deffo one of the best for keeping track of lots of different scores from different leagues..