Facebook In-App Browser is Getting A Revamp

Remember the browser which sometimes pops up when you click a link to visit in Facebook App? Well, that browser is basically the not so famous in-app browser of Facebook. This was a unique strategy which Facebook used to keep their users more in the app than outside of it to browse links. Seems like Facebook is revamping the UI of it to make it more browser-like.

For the time being, many of you perhaps have seen the in-app browser by now. It exactly doesn’t do the work a browser but gives a peek at the article you are interested in. It will only give you the ability to read the article you wanted to with just a share icon above if you actually want to share. This strategy is active side by side with their another feature known as the instant article. This one promises to deliver articles in an instant with no loading time inside the Facebook app. While Instant articles are only available for few of their partners, the in-app browser gives you access to the world wide web.

The new version of the in-app browser has been on the run from past December. As early as December 4, note by The Next Web. Aside from the design shift, it seems like the new in-app browser has added some demanding features, one including to input your own URL just to browse anywhere from the browser, not just the link you just click.

On a different note, you can also see how many people are actually talking about the article itself over Facebook. It can be a good feature to know how much the content is really popular. The feature is added in a bottom bar with added functionalities such as back and forward buttons, bookmark button and a menu button possibly with more new features. The only thing missing now from a real browser is perhaps the tab option which we can assume will be coming in the near future.

Although right now only a few can see the new browser and that doesn’t include us, it is hard to tell how well the new browser performs and delivers. But, as of now we can surely say one thing that, Facebook is trying really hard to keep the users inside their app more than out. With so many ways to offer services in it, soon Facebook will have a strong ecosystem to keep their users completely engrossed in the app.

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