Facebook for Android now supports Tor

Facebook was always serious on protecting your privacy. Whether you believe it or not, they try to incorporate as many system-wide features available to you so you don’t worry about the privacy matters. Whether it be a government request to get information on you or something else. Facebook supported the very popular anonymous browser Tor, since 2014. To take it a step forward, now the official Facebook app on Android supports Tor as well.

Starting today, the famous social networking site will allow their Facebook App for Android to be run in a Tor mode. Under this feature, if you have the Orbot proxy app installed in your device then you can easily use Tor. Just go to the settings of the Facebook App after running Orbot and you will see the option in it as the screenshot shows.

The feature will soon be available to every user in the coming months. Till then let’s wait and see how many Governments and others react to this step of Facebook.

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