Final Nail in the Coffin: Note 7 to be killed with one last update.

After the horrendous events that unfolded right after the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the Korean Company recalled all of the phones it had put out. And even though it offered numerous opportunities and offers for users to exchange their phones or issue a refund across all carriers, some users (about 7%) refuse to let go of their devices. And so, Samsung recently released a software update that would limit the charging capacity of the phone to 60% in order to minimize the chances of an explosion or a fire. However, this, by no means, was a long term solution, which is why they are rolling out another new update to, once and for all, kill the phone off. And by ‘kill the phone off’ I mean completely ridding its ability to be recharged in an effort to force the users to exchange it for another, safer phone.

But, if it hurts anymore, Verizon has announced it will not be rolling this update out as it believes the users might not have the time to switch to another device right before their busy holiday plans. They released an official statement to confirm this. But how far the users will be able to go with the phone is something to be considered now that it is banned on a lot of flights and is considered a genuine safety hazard.

It needs no saying that Samsung really wants this phone to be fully erased as it has been one of the most embarrassing releases in the company’s illustrious history.

Souce: CNET

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