Apple confirms it slows down older iPhones as lawsuits are filed.

Apple has confirmed that it has been slowing down older iPhones to extend the longevity of the devices. This initiative was apparently implemented in the dark. Now that it has surfaced, iPhone users around the world are outraged, including two groups in Chicago and California where class action lawsuits have been filed citing “economic damage”.

Users have suggested that this sort of throttling was unconsented, and the required purchase of a new battery –which solves the problem –merits legal compensation. Apple has since come out, confirmed the throttling and pleaded its innocence. Apple says the lithium-ion batteries lose the ability to meet peak current demands in cold weather over time. This may result in unexpected shutdowns of devices in an attempt to save other electronics within the devices. In fact, the measure makes so much sense to Apple that it has already extended it to the iPhone 7.


Apple is usually the hallmark for consistency in performance. Generational slowing down is much more common among android devices. But this measure, titled “nefarious” by tech blogger Nick Heer, could taint the reputation of iOS in general. While Apple’s explanation is justifiable and makes sense, what is not particularly justifiable is the lack of transparency in this instance. With Android devices more optimized than ever before, and competitors like Samsung and OnePlus stuffing their phones with more RAM than laptops from 5 years ago, it’s not impossible to see why Apple might have wanted to keep this a secret.

However, if you’re one of the many iPhone users that still loves their 6 or 6S’s, a 79 USD replacement should keep you very happy.

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