Uber for bicycles!

When Uber first launched, it was the premium service when it came to cars. Even in our country, it took the capital by storm. But then with rivals pathao excelling with their motorbike services, Uber introduced Uber Moto. With Uber Moto, city dwellers could speed around the metropolis with the help of motorbikes. However, have you ever wondered what it would be like on an even lighter two-wheeled vehicle?

That is now possible. Uber just revealed that it is about to partner up with JUMP bikes to get into the bicycle sharing game. With Uber, you will soon be able to rent bikes – electric bikes, for an amount of time.

Uber says that in the same way users can access both cars and motorcycles on the same app, they can now opt for a new tab which would be called “Bike”. And just how when you choose cars or motorbikes, you will be shown the locations of all the JUMP electric bikes in your area. From them, you can easily rent one and after you’re done, put it back to a bike rack in a specific area.

According to Uber’s head of transportation policy Andrew Salzberg, the company is really excited for this new bike sharing service as they “can provide a convenient, environmentally friendly ride even in dense cities where space is limited and roads can be congested.”

Of course, without a little bit of cutting-edge technology, this wouldn’t be an Uber service. JUMP bikes are said to be “dockless”. The bikes can be unlocked from a bike rack using a smartphone and can easily be returned when the user is done.

It’s worth noting that Uber did once get into bicycles back in 2014, when they launched UberRUSH, which is similar to our country’s “Pathao Parcels”. It was a courier service that started with bicycles but now feature cars and scooters too.


This service is set to be tested in San Francisco next week and here’s hoping that it will be available in Bangladesh soon.

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