Evaly Priority Service: Exclusive 24 -hour Delivery Review

Evaly has recently launched what it calls the ‘Priority Store’ to provide faster delivery service to the customers in less than 24 hours within Dhaka and 72 hours outside Dhaka.

Not only will a customer get the product within the timeline but also earn ‘reward points’ for making purchases under this service. In short, users will now be ranked in specific tiers starting with bronze (we’ll cover this more in details below)

Evaly is best known for providing jawbreaking discounts on various products which is quite a steal but the only drawback, you got to wait 3 months or more to get your products or get a refund if delivery failes due to sourcing delay. Thats the only gamble.

By seeing the new ‘priority service’ announcement in Facebook’s page, I was sure to try it out and test if at ALL the products get delivered within 24 hours.


For priority service, you would have to buy products under the ‘Priority Store’ which means not all products comes under the priority net. Products available are quite limited & updates within a certain period of time. Initially, only products available from Shwapno were available but now it seems to have included more brands into it.

did i get my product within 24 hours ?

On June 4th, I hopped in to the priority store and found out mostly grocery products from ‘Shwapno’ to be available. Decided to go with two deodrants from Al Haramain which was priced at Tk 270 each, in total TK 540.

Generally, after placing any order it takes around 1 or 2 hours for evaly to confirm the order and then give the customers the option for payment.


From the product I ordered, the window for payment was approved within one minute i.e 7:06pm.

I proceeded instantly towards payment by using my bKash account at the same time and by 11:56PM on the same day, my order was PICKED.

This is a dream come true for many. The word ‘picked’ in their order timeline usually takes a long time to appear & to have a sigh of relief that the product might be shipped soon. Though sometimes customers have faced failure in delivery even after receiving the ‘picked’ alert.

After receiving the picked order, I somehow forgot about it until I got a call from the deliveryman who actually didn’t identify himself initially. Upon verifying, I was shocked to know that the deliveryman was from Evaly.

In less than 24 hours, I received my product from evaly’s priority store. The deliveryman was kind enough to wait for 5 minutes and deliver my small product.

So to answer the question if I have received my product within 24 hours? Yes, I did.


reward points

In terms of reward points, I have successfully accumulated 540 points. In order to get myself promoted to the Silver tier, i would have to spend up to Tk 1,000,000 and keep on spending till I reach the ePlatinum.

How to get to ePlatinum? Easy. Spend 1 crore in evaly and get the best service ever.

evaly reward points

If you think of buying a car from evaly, you would easily get promoted to eSilver or eGold right away and get premium services such as faster deliveries.

The delivery timeline might vary from products to products as per the live video by the CEO of Evaly. Grocery products will be delivered within 24 hours but products such as cars or bike might take up to 7 days if not in available in evaly’s warehouse.

In conclusion, this was quite unexpected since after buying a product from evaly, I would choose to forget it and remember about it after 3 months. With this new service in place, I was surprised & satisfied as well to get the delivery within the promised time. I’ll be ordering more products from this store to see if they live up to their words 2 months down the line.

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