5 Best Sports Apps You Can Use Today

It’s been almost two weeks since the start of Euro 2020 and Copa America and needless to say the two tournaments have been very entertaining to watch so far. However, it may be difficult for football fans to keep track of multiple games in a day without having to google every time.

So I have brought five sports apps that you can use to get up to speed with every game that takes place in both tournaments,  other tournaments in the future and other sports as well.

5. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is a great app for sports as it has a very simple user interface. Upon starting the app, you will be asked to choose your favorite teams after which the app will provide any relevant news on them. On top of that, the app will also provide live scores, updates and breaking news pertaining to any sport. The Scores section is neat and organized with all the tournaments listed and clicking on them shows the schedule.

4. theScore

theScore is one of the widely used apps for sports that provides quick sports updates, analyses, scores and breaking news. There is also a sports event calendar which you can use to keep yourself updated with upcoming events and the app has a wide range of sports from football,  The NFL to F1 .There is a real-time scoreboard which updates almost instantly as the score in a game changes. When you first open the app, you will be asked to choose your favorite teams which you can find on the favorites tab. You will receive all the relevant news about the teams you chose and there is also a fan chat where fans discuss their favorite teams. However, you may find that the chat is a little bit unresponsive but I’m sure you can spark something up in there. You can also share the news posted there on your social media with the share option.


LiveScore is a similar app to theScore but with a better user interface. Unlike theScore which in my opinion has too many sports and leagues, LiveScore only has the sports and leagues which most people follow and therefore it’s quite easy to navigate through the app and get to know the latest updates, scores and breaking news. Instead of teams, you can add matches that you have enjoyed to your favorites list if you ever feel like seeing the score and stats again in the future. The stats section of a match in this app is much more organized than in theScore and you can interpret the data without much hassle. You can also find information such as the name of the referee who is officiating the game, the name of the venue or the number of spectators which is a pretty cool feature. If you are in the UK or Ireland then you are in luck as this app lets users from the UK and Ireland stream football matches live.


What is interesting about this app is that besides having international football, it also has the Bangladesh Premier League in it too! I have always had difficulty following Bangladesh club football because of not being able to know the timings of the games. SofaScore will ensure this problem is fixed by showing the time, standings, head to heads and any other relevant statistics for the Bangladesh Premier League.Now you can proudly say that you follow Bangladesh Football! Aside from this awesome feature,you will also receive live score updates from the app.

SofaScore also has a battle draft feature where you have to create a team within a limited budget within a limited amount of time and face off against another player online. There are many other interesting features in battle draft that you might like. It also has a quiz where you will be asked the nationality of a player, team logos etc. There is also an Esports category where live scores and stats of professional games from CS:GO, DotA and LoL are shown.

1. 365scores

365scores has all the features that are in the apps listed above. However, its new section is different from the others.In there you will find sports articles posted by some of the big sports websites. There is a BOOM! Subsection where some very interesting content is posted. A transfers subsection where all the transfer rumors or confirmed transfers( with transfer fee) are shown so you can get all your transfer news in a jiffy. Besides selecting your favorite competition and team, you can also select your favorite players to receive relevant news about them. This app has tried to differentiate itself from others with its news feature and it has definitely worked out. The app also has fun quizzes such as guessing team logos, players, transfer histories and teams which will broaden your knowledge of football and also act as a great time killer if you are stuck in traffic or in a queue.

These are some great sports apps that you could use to keep track of everything that is going around in the sporting world. Have I missed any?

Definitely let me know in the comments below.

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