5 Most Secure Free Messaging Apps in 2021

There are many messaging apps for us to use, but the biggest problem nowadays is not finding a messaging app, it’s finding an encrypted messaging app. Due to the pandemic, our main mode of communication has become these apps so it is important to find an app that can respect your privacy. 

Source: http://ictassignment.com/2020/02/21/data-encryption/


Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS

Overview: End to end encryption (E2EE) for messaging, voice calls and video calls. Signal uses open source code which means cybersecurity experts can gain access to the source code and fix any problems if necessary. You can also add a password to the app so that even if someone has your phone they can’t open the app. There are also options to make your media disappear after the other person viewed it and self destructing messages. 


Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS

Overview: Even though Telegram does not have E2EE by default you can use its feature of “Secret Chats” to encrypt your messages. You can also set a timer on your message to self-destruct in all your logged in devices. In Telegram, you can add up to 10,000 members in a group and you can send documents of any type through it, meaning it does not have a limit on how large the file can be.  


Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS 

Overview: Similar to Signal, Wire also has E2EE for all messages, voice calls and video calls and uses an open source code. It also has self destructing messages and pin lock. 


Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS

Overview: Viber is very user friendly and most people in our country use it. Viber also uses E2EE for all calls and messages, even groups. Self destructing messaging option is available for all messages. But there is one unique feature called “Hidden Messages”. These messages are protected by a pin code which are kept in a different section of Viber and only you can access it. 


Compatibility: MacOS, iOS

Overview: This is only available for Apple devices so if you want to send messages to another device then the message will not be encrypted. But if you’re sending to another Apple device then your messages will be encrypted. But it is E2EE between its users. Other than this, it allows you to control how many people can view your message and how long the message can stay. A slight setback in iMessage is that your messages are backed up in iCloud so if your iCloud gets hacked then your messages can be accessed. But this can easily be solved if you just don’t backup your messages on iCloud. 

While choosing a messaging app, at first you always have to consider the security and then the features. All of the apps mentioned above are secure and you can use any one of them depending on which features you need. Stay secure and safe while chatting!

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