bKash Introduces New Reward System and Savings Scheme

bKash has been very busy the last few months coming up with new features for their users. Their latest features include the reward system and savings scheme. Scroll down to know more about these!

The Reward System

If you regularly use bKash for transactions, then you can earn reward points. With enough points, you can buy rewards and also level up your reward status. The higher your reward status is, the more beneficial your rewards are. 

How it works

In your bKash app, there is a rewards icon on the top right corner. If you click on this icon then it will take you to the rewards page where you can view how many points you’ve earned, what level your status is and also details about the rewards you can claim at each level. There is a progress bar indicating how far you’ve come in a level. When the progress bar is full, you will be automatically updated to another level. There are 6 levels in total: Bronze, Silver, Titanium, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. But if you fail to use bKash services regularly, you may be downgraded to a lower level. You can know about each reward by tapping on it to view the details. These points and rewards are valid for a lifetime!

The Savings Scheme

With the bKash savings scheme you can save your money without any hassle! All you have to do is create new savings from the app and that’s it. You can save through IDLC.

How it Works

 It is very simple to create new savings. All you have to do is click on More>Savings>Open New Savings. After that you will have an option to select a term starting from 2 years to 4 years. The deposit frequency is fixed to monthly. You can start your savings with an amount as low as Tk 500! Of course you can set a higher amount too if you like. You will have a 7.0% p.a. interest rate. You will also need a nominee for your account whose NID you will have to provide.

If you want to avail these amazing features, just download the bKash app. You will have access to all these features through it and reap their benefits!

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