Here’s How You Can Apply For a National ID Card( NID) Online- A Full Guide

National ID card has always been an important possession to keep with someone. But with the COVID 19 pandemic and vaccination registration going on, the importance has only increased. Here is a guide to how you can make your NID online very easily!

1. Making An Online Account.

The first step to making your NID online is to visit this link, , and create an online account. Below in the picture, you can see a “get started” hyperlink. Click on it and enter the necessary details required to create your online account.

2. Filling In Personal Information.

Once you have created your account, you need to login. The login form can be seen on the screenshot posted previously; enter your username and password there. Once you are in, you can see 3 headings: Personal Information, Identification Information, Address. The Personal and Identification Information sections aren’t so complicated to fill in. The boxes with no asterisk( *) are optional so you can leave them blank but do fill up the ones that are mandatory.

You have to make sure you very carefully fill in the details in the address section. If you have doubts about your Ward number, Post Office details or any other detail related to your address, please get hold of the correct details before putting them in.

It is  very important that you enter correct details while you fill up the form. Correcting any incorrect detail after your NID is made is a very tedious process so you do not want to do that. So make sure to check every single detail before confirming the submission. After submission, you will be asked to print out a copy of the form that you have filled up which you must do.

3. Necessary Documents And Submission.

In this process you have to present the documents required to your nearest election office that falls within the ward that you have selected in the form. A picture of the documents is attached below.

Taken from the election office in Dhanmondi Rd 7.

In the list of pictures is a document called “ Citizen Certificate” which you have to collect from the  ward counsellor’s office in your ward by showing your printed application form. Once you have collected that and the other documents, you need to go to your nearest election office and submit the documents. After waiting for a few moments outside, you will be called inside to provide your biometric data( Picture, fingerprint etc).

N.B. You may not need some documents listed here if you don’t have them. eg holding tax copy. Step 11 will be done by your ward counsellor when you submit the form. Step 10 will have to be done by one of your parents or your spouse- A signature and their NID number on the application form ( see ?? and ?? on the form) is required on the blank space provided there.

4. Getting Your NID.

Once all the work is completed, you will have to wait for an SMS on your phone. The SMS will contain your NID number. Using that number, you have to create another account on the NID website.

You have to click on the “claim account” hyperlink and use your NID number to make an account. There will be a picture verification step which you have to complete. Once all of these steps are done and your account is ready, you have to login again with your new account and download a digital version of your NID which you can use for the vaccination process.

These are the steps you need to take to make your NID online. Now quickly get your NID and get vaccinated!

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