‘ Walking on Air ‘ – The International Space Station takes us on a Tour

This spectacular video featuring a series of time lapse sequences was shot by the crew of the Expedition 30 who are now back on earth after completing their mission in the International Space Station (ISS). The video takes you around the world showing the beautiful auroras playing over the sky, storms occurring with dazzling lightning displays, the moon setting and much more.  Well, sadly the tour is only about 4 mins but its worth watching it !

The best part of the video is actually the whole video itself, but the scene of the Auroras is breathtaking. I do not know how many times I have watched this video and I am sure all of you will feel the same ! The song used in the video is Walking in the Air by Howard Blake which totally goes with the video. Match the lyrics with the video and you will know why.


Following are the sequence of what you are going to see in the video :

:01 – Stars over southern United States

:08 – US west coast to Canada

:21 – Central Europe to the Middle East

:36 – Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean

:54 – Storms over Africa

1:08 – Central United States

1:20 – Midwest United States

1:33 – United Kingdom to Baltic Sea

1:46 – Moonset

1:55 – Northern United States to Eastern Canada

2:12 – Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean

2:32 – Comet Lovejoy

2:53 – Aurora Borealis over Hudson Bay

3:06 – United Kingdom to Central Europe

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