OLX- A great platform where you can buy and sell

All the products, no matter what type it is, will wear out one day either in terms of sale value or the condition. We would then have to throw it away or maybe best, sell it with a very low resale value. Some might store the product as an antique piece which might turn out to be valuable in the future and others might sell the product away even before it wears out. In order to sell the products, users might have to go for word-to-mouth advertising to let the potential buyers know.
Thanks to the advancement of internet and e-commerce specfically, those potential sellers who want to sell their products are finding it easy to complete their task.

One such platform is OLX which has revolutionized the way of selling away products. Starting from household items to gadgets, you can sell anything you want. Out of all the products, selling mobile phones in OLX seems to have garnered more attention. The mechanism is similar to that of the renowned eBay. The internet company, OLX, is based in Buenos Aires and New York City which hosts free user-generate classified advertisements around the world and also provides a discussion forum on various topics. Founded in March 2006 by iFabrice Grinda and Oxenford, the company is now available in 96 countries and 45 languages.

Out of all the countries, OLX India seems to have created the most hype with its creative marketing techniques. Starting from offline ads to online ones, they have managed to create attraction to those potential sellers out there. Many benefits of OLX includes users being able to easily control their selling and buying activities on the interactive dashboard, displaying the ads in social media platforms, mobile friendly and most importantly, have the opporunity to view OLX in his/her own language.

Check out OLX Youtube Channel to see the funny advertisements!



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